International Forum on Linguistic Cognitive Science: Forum 2010

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International Forum on Linguistic Cognitive Science: Forum 2010
Research Center for Linguistic Cognitive and Brain Sciences (RCLCBS) is to hold the International Forum on Linguistic Cognitive Science annually, which takes the form of a series of (normally) ten lectures on a particular subject of research by one or two world famous linguists. The title of the first forum, Forum 2010, is "Constructionalization: An approach to diachronic morphosyntactic change", with Elizabeth Traugott as the main speaker. The specific topics for her ten lectures are:
 1. Apr 11      Introduction: grammaticalization, lexicalization, constructionalization.
2. Apr 12      Mechanisms of change: reanalysis, analogy. 
3. Apr 13      Unidirectionality, macro- and micro-changes; gradience,  gradualness. 
4. Apr. 14     Mismatch, partialness of analogization, coercion. 
5. Apr 15      Motivations; internal and external views. 
6. Apr 17      Two examples: Transitivization, Partitive/Measure Constructions. 
7. Apr 18      Thinking about contexts for change. 
8. Apr 19      The lexicalization-grammaticalization continuum; idiomatization. 
9. Apr 20      Part I: Pragmaticalization.
                     Part II: Degrammaticalization in a constructionalization framework. 
10.Apr 21     Wrap-up. Potentials of constructionalization; a challenge: polysemy.
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