Zoltán Kövecses

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Zoltán Kövecses is a IAS Fellow & Prowse Fellow at Van Mildert College, Durham University. He is a Professor of Linguistics in the Department of American Studies at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. His main research interests include the conceptualization of emotions, the study of metaphor and idiomaticity, the relationship between language, mind and culture, and American slang and American English. He is also working as a lexicographer, and is the author of several Hungarian-English, English-Hungarian dictionaries.
His current research interests are the language and conceptualization of emotions, cross-cultural variation in metaphor, metaphor and metonymy in discourse, and the issue of the relationship between language, mind, and culture from a cognitive linguistic perspective.
Main Publications
Language, Mind, and Culture. A Practical Introduction (2006)
Metaphor in Culture. Universality and Variation (2005)
Metaphor. A Practical Introduction (2002)
Metaphor and Emotion (2000)
Emotion Concepts (1990)
The Language of Love (1988)
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